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Welcome to Africa Games where you can play free Africa games online! Here we have a range of popular and traditional Africa games that are played across the continent of Africa by children and adults alike. We also explore more about Africa so young people can get a better understanding of the continent and what it's like to live there.

As well as traditional Africa games such as Mancala, Ayo and the ancient Egyptian game of Senet, we also have a collection of arcade Africa games some of which are just fun, others help children and young people find out more about Africa wildlife, symbols and traditions. Our Africa map games are also a useful teaching resource to learn about the countries of Africa.

Ayo Game

Ayo is one of our traditional Africa games that's played by youngsters across the Africa continent

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Africa Mancala Games

This Mancala game is another of our traditional Africa board games and the cultural equivalent of chess.

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Africa Jungle Games

African Jungle Games

Here we have our favourite African jungle games ranging from Tarzan games to ATV riding, Mario games and treasure hunting deep in the African jungle.

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Africa Arcade Games

African Adventure Games

Whilst we have many traditional African games online, this is a collection of African arcade games for you to play including African adventure games and African shooting games

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Egypt Games

Play our free online Egypt games collection including Egypt puzzle games, fun games and traditional Ancient Egypt games.

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Some of our most popular content:

Traditional Games

Play free traditional Africa games online including Mancala and Yote and see how creative Africa kids are.

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Africa Theme Games

A collection of the best arcade,
puzzle and fun games online all
with an Africa theme.

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Africa Map Games

A number of Africa map games
testing your knowledge about the
countries of Africa.

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Rainforest Games

Play free online African rainforest
games and explore the Congo rainforest
and rainforest logging.

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