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Probably the best collection of Africa map games online testing your knowledge of the vast continent, where each country is, the names of Africa's capital cities and its major features including mountains, rivers and desertsas well as map quizzes for kids and adults alike. Did you know that, after Asia, Africa is the planet's largest continent covering some 6% of the Earth's surface and is home to over a billion people from the Arabic nations across its north and east coast to its sub-Saharan negro population. What these map quiz games won't tell you though is that the African plate also includes the Arabian peninsula as well as mountains in Iran and even parts of Turkey. However for the purposes of our Africa map games, we'll stick to Africa as we know it including its island nations and archipelagos such as the Seychelles. For more information, check out the games and video below.

Free Africa Map Games: Africa Map Game

Africa Map Game

In this Africa map quiz drag and drop countries into their correct slots on map of Africa.

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Free Africa Map Games: Capital Cities Quiz

In another Africa map quiz, name of the capital city of each country on the map of Africa correctly.

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Free Africa Map Games: Countries Quiz

Africa Countries Quiz

Try and solve our hardest countries of Africa quiz complete with a physical features of Africa quiz!

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Free Africa Map Games: Africa Countries Game

Africa Countries Game

This map of Africa quiz game is great for kids as a way of learning about Africa.

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Free Africa Map Games: Real Map of Africa Game

In this game place the countries of Africa on a real geographical map of Africa! Not easy!

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Free Africa Map Games: Africa Map Quiz

Africa Map Quiz

In this flash Africa map game drag and drop countries into their correct slot on the map of Africa.

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