Traditional Africa Games

Traditional Africa Games

Africa games, especially board games, have been in existence for thousands of years, and many of the games were unearthed by archaeologists, although rarely were there accompanying instructions. Some of these Africa games have been captured in paintings such as one found in the tomb of Queen Nefertari showing her playing Senet, possibly the world's oldest board game and similar to modern day backgammon. Morabaraba is another of the popular Africa games with 12 Mens Morris being its closest modern day equivalent. The game of checkers finds its roots in the ancient north Africa game of Zamma, whilst a version called Fanorona has long held popularity in Madagascar.

Other popular traditional Africa games include Tsoro Yematatu a two player strategy game, Butterfly from Mozambique which is also similar to draughts or checkers and Seega which is of more recent origin, believed to have come from Egypt in the early nineteenth century. These Africa games include some flash versions of popular traditional Africa games played by children across the Africa continent as well as quizzes whilst the video below shows some popular games being played in South Africa.

Traditional Africa Games: Ayo

Africa Ayo Game

Ayo is one of our traditional Africa games that's played by youngsters across the Africa continent. The Ayo game has become in recent decades an important 'mind sport game' with tournaments being held every year in Western Africa, many European countries as well as in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean.

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Traditional Africa Games: Mancala

Africa Mancala Games

This Mancala game is a traditional Africa board game and is one of a family of games that play a role in Africa somewhat similar to chess in the West. Even very young children can learn how to play Mancala, although there are some variations depending on which country you are playing it in.

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Traditional Africa Games: Yote

Yote Game

Yote is a popular game from Africa particularly in countries such as Mali and Senegal. It's a traditional game very much like checkers and part of its popularity is its fast moving nature.

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Traditional Africa Games: Senet

Senet Game

Senet is believed to be one of the world's oldest board games and pictures of ancient Egyptians have been found playing it such as the one discovered in the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the queen of Ramesses II. Whilst the game has survived to the modern day it is considered to now be similar to backgammon.

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Traditional Africa Games: Morabaraba

Africa Board Games

The African board game of Morabaraba is an ancient and traditional two player board game that is thousands of years old and played by millions of Africans. It is believed that it was originally used to teach herd boys using lines in the ground and stones of different colours an appreciation for tactical and strategic thinking when dealing with cattle.

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