Africa Countries Quiz

This Africa countries quiz is probably our hardest Africa quiz because you get to select from the various regions of Africa before naming the countries there and the continent looks very different when not seen as a whole! If you want something even harder try the physical features of Africa quiz segment of this game to name rivers, deserts, mountains and much more. Yes, we said it was hard! To play this Africa countries quiz, choose a region of Africa from North Africa, West Africa, South Africa (or physical). Either drag the country name onto its correct position or into the quiz box next to the country. Good luck, you are going to need it! After you've played this Africa countries quiz, why not check out and play our other Africa map and quiz games, we've got the very best online!

Africa Capital Cities Quiz

In another Africa map quiz, name of the capital city of each country on the map of Africa correctly.

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Real Map of Africa Game

In this game place the countries of Africa on a real geographical map of Africa! Not easy!

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