African Pipe Game

This African game is pretty cool! A group of hyenas have damaged the local water pipes and it's your job to restore the water to the nearby village and crops. The idea is to connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling out onto the desert floor. When you're happy with the pipes, pump up enough pressure to send the water flowing, but keep an eye on the clock! The plants are already dying and if they all die you will fail the level and the village will go hungry. To play this African water pipe game, simply click on the pipe pieces to get them to change direction. The first few levels are easy but then it really starts to become a mind teaser! If you like this game you'll enjoy playing our African Water game below.

Africa Water Game

African Water Game

This is a game based on the work of "Water for Africa", a UK charity that provides long-term support for water projects in Africa. The game plays out a realistic scenario of a newly installed pump in a Gambian village that is being damaged by local children, wildlife and weeds. Your task in this African water game is to prevent this and ensure the water supply remains safe.

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Elephant Games

Elephant Games

Elephant wildlife numbers have declined dramatically across the African continent from some 3-5 million to around 415,000 today. Play free African elephant games online and go on an elephant safari, help an elephant escape from ivory poachers or play one of our elephant games for kids.

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