Some might be surprised to see this African war game as part of our African games collection, but Africa was a major battleground during the Second World, and created the legend who was to become known as the Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel. Rommel led the German and Italian forces in North Africa until his suicide at the request of Hitler in 1944. This African war game is based on Rommel's tank command of the Deutsches Afrikakorps which was sent to Libya in early 1941. In the game you are a member of Rommel's troops in a quest to defeat the enemy in North Africa. Your forces are outnumbered but you must find victory in the desert sands of Libya. To play, move your tank's turret with your arrow keys and use your spacebar to shoot. Take out ten enemy tanks and victory will be yours! (Spoiler: Germany lost.After you've played this African war game, why not check out and play our other African puzzles, escape and desert games, we've got the very best online!

Desert Storm

Desert Storm

Although Operation Desert Storm was a war by coalition forces from 34 countries against Iraq following its invasion and annexation of Kuwait, this Desert Storm war game takes place in north Africa.

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Desert Games

African Desert Games

Nearly one quarter of the continent of Africa is classified as desert, a word from the Latin "Desertus" meaning "left waste". Here you can play our Africa themed desert games and go hunting, riding and exploring across African deserts including the Sahara.

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