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The Africa ape is our closest living relative however due to hunting and the destruction of their natural habitats, many experts believe that they will be extinct in the wild within just fifty years. The Africa ape is also at risk from viruses with an estimated 90% of gorillas in Gabon and the northern Congo being wiped out by the Ebola Virus. Apes eat a variety of plant and animal foods, with the majority of food being plant foods, which can include fruits, leaves, stalks, roots and seeds, including nuts and grass seeds and most live throughout the tropical and equatorial zones of Africa, although a few can be found in the north of the continent. We have included this ape game to raise awareness of the apes' situation. To play this African ape game, use your arrow keys to move the ape and catch as many bananas as you can to earn points before the countdown clocks hits zero and keep an eye on your energy bar as you lose energy when you fail to avoid things that are going to hurt you! After you've played this Africa ape game why not check out our full Africa game collection, we've some of the very best online!

Banana Game

Banana Game

In another ape game for kids, you are an ape with a stick, and as each banana gets shaken from its banana tree, and have to whack it as far as you can. Bit basic, but fun for all ages!

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Wildlife Games

African Wildlife Games

Africa is home home to the Earth's biggest concentrations of large mammals, from elephants and giraffes to hippos and zebras, to lions and leopards. here we share some of the best Africa animal and wildlife games online as part of our Africa themed games collection.

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