Chimpanzee Game

The African chimpanzee is one of the most intelligent and social animals on Earth, grooming each other and forming close bonds with mothers who often carry their children on their backs for four years or more, and shares 98.7% of its DNA with humans, making it our closest living relative. It lives in communities of up to 80 members and lives for between 40-50yrs. It communicates with other chimps using gestures, facial expressions and sounds such as barking and drumming and uses tools to help it find food, such as sticks, stones and leaves. The chimp's diet is mainly fruit, plants, insects and sometimes even meat and can be found in the tropical forests and savannas of West and Central Africa, where it faces threats from habitat loss (deforestation), hunting and disease. In this chimpanzee game, help a chimp reach the top of the jungle avoiding hazards by clicking on the chim or bar but, if he misses the next landing area, he will fall. After you've played this game why not check out and play our other African wildlife games, we've some of the very best online!

Gorilla Game

Gorilla Game

It is believed that there are currently around 786 gorillas in existence, a slight increase from recent years, mainly due to concerted efforts to protect them from extinction as they have been listed as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union. In this African mountain gorilla game help the gorilla gain coconuts by completing levels.

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Wildlife Games

African Wildlife Games

Africa is home home to the Earth's biggest concentrations of large mammals, from elephants and giraffes to hippos and zebras, to lions and leopards. here we share some of the best Africa animal and wildlife games online as part of our Africa themed games collection.

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