Congo Drums Game

This Congo drums game is based on the Congo or 'Conga' drums that have been in use for hundreds of years. Whilst many call them Congo drums after the Congo region of Africa where they originated and were used as a method of communication, they are also called 'Conga drums' as slaves who were shipped to the Americas perfected their development and use in Cuba. Traditional Congo drums were made of wood with rawhide nailed to its base, the nails were then heated, stretching the rawhide to create tension that could then be beaten for drumming effect. There are three types of Congo drum; the quinto which is the smallest and has a high pitch; the Conga which is medium sized that has a more versatile range and the tumbadora, also known as the tumba, that creates a low steady tone.

To play this Congo drums game watch the screen carefully, then use your left and right arrow keys to mirror what you have seen. It starts off easy enough, but as the memory game progresses, it becomes harder and harder to keep up! After you've played this Congo Drums game why not check out and play our other African online games?

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