Desert Racing Game

This is a fairly straight forward desert racing game in which you drive your jeep across the Africa desert whilst avoiding trees and African animals. If you hit any of them you're going to crash and will have to start the race again. There are many deserts in Africa with the most well known being the world's second largest desert, the Sahara, however others include the Algerian Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the Karoo Desert, the Libyan Desert, the Namib Desert, the Nubian Desert and the spectacular White Desert in Egypt. To play this African desert racing game, simply use your left and right arrow keys to avoid the objects in your way as you cross the desert. See how long you can go before you hit an object and crash! After you've played this African desert racing game why not check out our full African game collection?

Desert Jeep

Desert Jeep Game

This desert jeep game takes you across the roads of North Africa and the dusty environs of the Sahara desert. The aim of the game is simply to win the race and become the ultimate desert driver.

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Desert Games

African Desert Games

Nearly one quarter of the continent of Africa is classified as desert, a word from the Latin "Desertus" meaning "left waste". Here you can play our Africa themed desert games and go hunting, riding and exploring across African deserts including the Sahara.

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