Elephant Game for Kids

We've called this game, Jumbo Adventure, an elephant game for kids because although it features an African elephant in the game play, its not exactly very realistic, but a bit of fun nevertheless. Why isn't it realistic? Well mainly because (a) it's a cartoon and (b) and perhaps more importantly, elephants like hippos and rhinos can't jump although hippos and rhinos can have all feet off the ground when they run fast.) The reason elephants can't jump is that their legs aren't strong enough to support their weight if landing on all fours, although it has been known for baby elephants to jump. The instructions for this game are provided in screen. After you play this elephant game for kids why not check out and play our other elephant games?/p>

Baby Elephant Game

Baby Elephant Game

Make sure the baby elephant gets the food it requires by feeding it promptly.

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Clever Elephant

In another of our elephant games help care for an endangered elephant in a safe environment

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