Hyena Chase Game

Okay, so there's good news and bad news about this hyena game based upon the Lion King cartoon films. The bad news is that if you don't dodge the hyena in hot pursuit, poor meerkat Timba is going to get eaten. The better news is that even if he dies, you can simply restart the game and he's fit and well again. It's a bit like rewinding Bambi to the beginning and his mother is alive and well. Of course, you've got to hit the 'play' button at some stage though. The hyena can be found across vast swathes of Africa from the continent's savannas, grasslands and woodlands to the edge of its forests deserts and even mountain ranges. In fact, the hyena is Africa's most common carnivore amongst its largest species and can be a dangerous animal, fearless of attacking other animals and even humans. Despite this, they are also opportunistic feeders and scavengers feasting mainly at night on anything easily available and when we say anything we mean just that; everything on a carcass apart from its hair, hooves and horns. This lifestyle can mean they live up to twenty five years although most die younger as they are frequently attacked by lions who will kill them at every opportunity. After you've played this hyena game why not check our and play our other Lion King games, we've some of the best online!

Simba's Pride

Simba's Pride

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