Leopard Game

This leopard game is actually about the Amur leopard, a leopard subspecies native to the Primorye region of southeastern Russia and northern China and is the most critically endangered of all the leopard species mainly due to hunting for its fur, but also because of loss of habitat. The African Leopard is another subspecies of the leopard that is native to many countries in Africa with a wide range of habitats from mountainous forests to grasslands and savannahs, excluding only extremely sandy deserts. It is estimated that there are some 700,000 of the animals in Africa with a lifespan of between 12-17 years, and it feeds on any animals it can overpower, from small rodents to waterbuck, but generally preys on the smaller and medium-sized antelopes and deer but has a special liking for baboons. Did you know the word "Leopard" is a hybrid of the word "lion" and "panther" (the Greek word for male panther is "pardos")? This game reflects the fact that the leopard is listed as an endangered species and as such you have to help the leopard manage three life-threatening situations. Its a point and click game and great fun even though some of the solutions aren't exactly reflections of real life! After you've played this leopard game why not check our and play our other African wildlife games?

Lion Hunt

Lion Hunt Game

Although lions have no natural predators because of their strength and running speed, they are still killed by human poachers as well as by elephants protecting their young and occasionally by the buffalo they are trying to hunt. In this game, help the lioness survive by running and developing survival skills.

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Wildlife Games

African Wildlife Games

Africa is home home to the Earth's biggest concentrations of large mammals, from elephants and giraffes to hippos and zebras, to lions and leopards. here we share some of the best Africa animal and wildlife games online as part of our Africa themed games collection.

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