Overthrow The Pharaoh Game

Okay, in this online game your task is to overthrow an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who is seemingly out of control. But as the game develops you begin to have doubts ~ is he really out of control after all? Yes he is, get a grip soldier! You must capture him and solve a number of puzzles whilst you do so, if you are to be successful. Forget about your cursor keys, this game is played with your mouse only. No doubt you'll continually fall to your death when you start the game, so listen carefully we shall say this only once (though, obviously you can re-read this as many times as you want). To get going click on the boulder near the Egyptian soldier's feet then on the plank which will extend over the canyon. Then click the rope at the bottom and then on the wooden post to create a bridge for you to cross. Now you are on your own ~ go boy go and overthrow the Pharaoh!

Prince of Egypt Game

Work out the connection between the humble potter and the Last Pharaoh Prince of Egypt.

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Pharaoh Tomb Game

Pharaoh Game

In The Pharaoh's Tomb collect gold whilst outwitting the Pharaoh's cunning traps.

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