Desert Hunter Game

The African continent is home to a number of vast deserts, the largest of which is the Sahara which spans the north of Africa and is slowly encroaching southwards into the Sahel. In fact desert areas cover 25% of the entire landmass of Africa. Thousands of years ago, the Sahara was home to many animals however, today with its remaining rivers dried up and little or no vegetation, the desert is an arid wasteland home to just scorpions, rodents and other animals such as camels which can exist on the desert's periphery. In this African desert game, you get to go a-hunting in the desert and shoot coyotes, scorpions and vultures. To play this game, use your mouse to line up your cross hairs and left click to shoot. Press your spacebar after six bullets to reload. You get two minutes to score as many points as possible. After you've played this African desert game why not check out our full African game collection?

Hyena Chase

Hyena Game

Okay, so there's good news and bad news about this hyena game based upon the Lion King cartoon films. The bad news is that if you don't dodge the hyena in hot pursuit, poor meerkat Timba is going to get eaten.

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Desert Games

African Desert Games

Nearly one quarter of the continent of Africa is classified as desert, a word from the Latin "Desertus" meaning "left waste". Here you can play our Africa themed desert games and go hunting, riding and exploring across African deserts including the Sahara.

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