African Insect Game

Every year mosquito bites infect some 220 MILLION people around the world with malaria, a disease which enters the circulatory system and parasites then reproduce in a person's liver. The disease kills some one million African children every year although it may be higher as there are poor medical records in much of rural Africa ~ that's at least one child every 60 seconds. One solution to address the ongoing problem in Africa of malaria is the introduction of mosquito nets. These nets are chemically treated so not only can the insects not get through, contact with the net kills them. There is no vaccine for malaria, so children can only get cured, they cannot be prevented from suffering from the disease save for these nets. Play this African insect game then find out more about the impact of killer insects in Africa.

Tikoloshe Game

An African arcade game based on the Zulu legend of the Tikoloshe, a creature that feeds on the energy of a person.

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Africa Water Game

African Water Game

Play our free online Africa water pump simulation game and protect a water pump in the African Gambia.

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