African Arcade Games

Pop into any retail toy store in the west and you will see row after row of brightly coloured plastic toys of all varieties for all ages from toddles to teenagers and big bys who never actually grew up! But for children in African games and toys  rarely come out of a box but rather out of the imagination with stones, tin cans, wood and straw being used to make toys and everyday object being used for fun to play imaginative African games. The video below shows some children from Zambia simply having fun with their made up games; below we have a number of African themed flash games for you to play online. These online African arcade games include some cool flash games from puzzles to action and adventure.

African Arcade Games: Condottiero

In this African arcade game, locate and assassinate a maverick US Colonel.

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African Arcade Games: Somali Pirate Game

Somali Pirate Game

In this African arcade game take on the Somali pirates operating in the waters off Somalia.

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African Arcade Games: Hetherdale


In this arcade game with awesome graphics, travel deep into the heart of Africa looking for the legendary lost city of Hetherdale.

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African Arcade Games: Tikoloshe Game

An African arcade game based on the Zulu legend of the Tikoloshe, a creature that feeds on the energy of a person.

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African Arcade Games: Witch Hunt Game

An arcade game that highlights the disturbing culture of accusing African children of witchcraft.

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African Arcade Games: Africa Water Game

African Water Game

Play our free online Africa water pump simulation game and protect a water pump in the African Gambia.

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African Arcade Games: Maasai Game

Protect your Maasai village from the crocodiles that are threatening your kraals and livelihoods.

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African Arcade Games: African Sniper Game

This African sniper arcade game is set behind enemy lines in an East African terrorist camp run by Al-Shabab.

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African Arcade Games: African Sandboarding Game

African Sandboarding Game

In this African desert sandboarding arcade game, aim for gold in the sand dunes of the North Africa.

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African Arcade Games: Pestinator

Find out about malaria, a disease that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of African children yearly.

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African Arcade Games: Mombassa Race

In this African arcade game, race across Kenya and the Serengeti on your way through Kenya to the Indian Ocean at Mombassa.

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African Arcade Games: African Drinking Game

African Drinking Game

Help Mr Adebayo drive home over two laps before his wife finds out that he's been out drinking (again!.

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African Arcade Games: African Voodoo Game

African Voodoo Game

Voodoo originated as an earth belief many thousands of years ago in Africa long before its Caribbean association

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