Maasai Village Game

The Maasai are an ethnic group of 500,000 people living across the Serengeti of Northern Tanzania and Kenya. With some Maasai enjoying a semi-nomadic lifestyle, others live in kraals (a group of traditional mud built homes surrounding an enclosure for livestock). They are keen cattle keepers which makes up their major source of food and they believe cattle were a gift to them from God, Ngai. Their spiritual leaders are Laiboni, also known as Shamen, and in this Maasai game crocodiles are reeking havoc in the village with the local Laiboni advising the Maasai warriors that they can be warded off (um, in this case using your spacebar, well, we are in a digital age!). Enter the forest to kill the crocodiles but be aware that patience and agility are your best weapons. After you've played this Maasai game why not check out and play our other Africa themed games; we've everything from Africa video games to traditional Africa games. Well worth a look as is the video below about the Maasai people.

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