Witch Hunt Game

When we think of witchcraft it conjures up images of Halloween and pumpkins, but for African children allegations of witchcraft have been going in the past few decades with serious and often fatal consequences of those accused. A child can be accused of being a witch in Africa for many reasons, often being blamed for poverty and illness through sorcery. Particularly disturbing is the role of the church in accusing children of witchcraft. Pastors then go onto perform exorcism ceremonies which, of course, can't be successful because the child was never a witch in the first place. Upon failure, (and after taking payment) if the child is allowed to live he or she is normally expelled from its community and forced to live on the streets where they are vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. Okay, that's all a bit heavy so back to the game. You are a witchdoctor who's trying to take down the witches. Use your A and D keys to move, your W key to jump, your mouse to shoot arrows and your spacebar to slash. After you play this African witch game why not check out and play our other African arcade games?

Tikoloshe Game

Tikoloshe Game

An African arcade game based on the Zulu legend of an evil spirit called the Tikoloshe that is created from dead bodies by shamans with a hairy bear-like look the size of a small child that can only be seen by its creator but who wanders creating great destruction.

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