Afra Fly Game

Afra Fly is an African kids game that is surprisingly therapeutic! You are an Australian bird that has accidentally been transported to Africa inside a crate and want to return home, a mere 6642 miles away. In order to do this you have to fly in the air as long as you can avoiding other birds who will knock you out of the sky. The flower bar at the top right of your screen will tell you how much energy you have to keep flying and, when you run out, try and make a successful landing on the back of some of the passing African wildlife for a while. You can also increase your energy levels by eating bananas and bumping into stars. Now, you may be thinking if the little bird can only stay in the air for short periods of time how on earth is s/he going to fly over the Indian Ocean back to Australia? Good point! A better point is to suggest, after you play this game, you check out and play some of our other online African themed games for kids.

Lizard Game

African Lizard Game

There are many lizard types in Africa however the one African lizard you are most likely to encounter on the continent is the Gecko. Play our free online african lizard game and score points using your lizard tongue to capture passing insects just like that African gecko.

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Africa Games for Kids

Africa Games for Kids

This section has more Africa games for kids including animal safari games, hidden object games and jungle adventure games. None of them exactly traditional Africa games for kids, but great fun all the same!

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