Africa Games for Kids

Africa Games for Kids

This section has more Africa games for kids including animal safari games, hidden object games and jungle adventure games. Okay these aren't exactly traditional Africa games for kids although rather a collection of contemporary games. The video below shows how Africa kids can have fun playing games far from your game consoles or internet. Most don't have two pennies to rub together with footballs made out of bundles of plastic bags or rags stringed together making do; games of 'marbles' played with nuts, seeds, stones and dried fruit; dolls made by older brothers or fathers made from wood, cloth and straw and trucks again made from woods, wire and tin cans. If that all sounds a bit basic, well, it may well be, but it's still fun as the video shows and, in trth, go back fifty or so years and it wasn't so much different here for poorer families. Explore our other Africa games pages, we've got puzzles, jigsaws and well as some traditional Africa games such as Mancala and Senet.

Africa Games for Kids: Tarzan Games

Tarzan Games Online

Here we present what we believe are the best Tarzan jungle games online whether you want to enjoy Tarzan adventures or play a range of Tarzan game and puzzles, we have something for you.

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Africa Games for Kids: The Lion King

Lion Games Online

Play free Lion King games online based on the cartoon Lion King movies in this collection of action, adventure and puzzle Lion King games.

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Africa Games for Kids: Baby Elephant Game

Baby Elephant Game

In this baby elephant game the baby elephant has lost its mother and it's your job to feed the growing animal. Keep an eye out for the food the baby elephant craves then ensure it is fed when hungry.

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Africa Games for Kids: Snake Game

Snake Game

In this snake game for kids, you're a jungle explorer attacked by venomous snakes and need to kill them with your knife before they bite you.

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Africa Games for Kids: Spear Hunter

African Fishing Game

This African spear fishing game is set in traditional days and your task is to target as many fish and crabs as possible whilst using your spear deep in the African forests.

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Africa Games for Kids: African Dress Up Game

African Dress Up Game

This African dress up game for kids does pretty much what it says on the tin. Except there is no tin, obviously, just a chance to dress up this African girl and accessorise her.

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Africa Games for Kids: African Wedding Game

African Wedding Game

This African wedding dress up game reflects, to some degree, the culture of North Africa and in particular Morocco where wedding ceremonies are a major occasion and tend to be lavish in style and content.

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Africa Games for Kids: Afra Fly

African Kids Game

You are an Australian bird that has accidentally been transported to Africa inside a crate and want to return home, a mere 6642 miles away. In order to do this you have to fly in the air as long as you can avoiding other birds who will knock you out of the sky.

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Africa Games for Kids: Banana Game

Banana Game src=

This banana game is pretty basic although quite a lot of fun. As each banana gets shaken from its banana tree, you are an ape with a stick and have to whack it as far as you can.

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Africa Games for Kids: Baby Giraffe Game

Baby Giraffe Game

In this giraffe milking game, help the baby giraffe who can't reach its mother's teats after its legs were broken during a cheetah attack live by feeding it milk.

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Africa Games for Kids: Gorilla Game

Gorilla Game

It is believed that there are currently around 786 gorillas in existence, a slight increase from recent years, mainly due to concerted efforts to protect them from extinction as they have been listed as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union. In this African mountain gorilla game help the gorilla gain coconuts by completing levels.

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Africa Games for Kids: Zebra Game

Zebra Game

In another of our Africa games for kids, undertake animal care tasks including wash and feeding this African zebra, an animal that can live for up to thirty years, although their average age is twelve years mainly because they are hunted and killed by predators such as hyenas and lions and, of course, humans.

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Africa Games for Kids: Rubber Band Game

Rubber Band Game

In rural Africa, even though football is the national support, most children and their families can't afford a football so they make them using rags, plastic bottles and other waste all wrapped up with rubber bands to make something they can kick around and in Africa they are also used as a way of thwacking others!

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Africa Games for Kids: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Game

There aren't many good jungle games for kids online and unfortunately many of them reinforce stereotypical images of Africa and its people. However this Donkey Kong game is just a bit of fun as you would expect when you have an ape driving a wooden cart through the jungle!

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