African Wedding Game

We're not all that keen on dress up games in general not least because they tend to be stereotypical and, of course, in a continent as vast and diverse as Africa, there is no pre-determined wedding day ritual. This African wedding dress up game reflects, to some degree, the culture of North Africa and in particular Morocco where wedding ceremonies are a major occasion and tend to be lavish in style and content. Of course, in poorer parts of Africa, the ceremony is much more basic and girls marry young to care and provide for their husbands and provide them with children. In some Africa cultures the males have very little to do with the children after the their birth until they are old enough to join him at work either on the homestead or as a herder of the family animals. After you've completed this African wedding dress up game, why not check out an dplay some of our other African themed games?

African Dress Up Game

African Dress Up Games

This African dress up game for kids does pretty much what it says on the tin. Except there is no tin, obviously, just a chance to dress up this African girl and accessorise her.

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African Games for Kids

Africa Games for Kids

This section has more Africa games for kids including animal safari games, hidden object games and jungle adventure games. None of them exactly traditional Africa games for kids, but great fun all the same!

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