African Symbols Game

In this African symbols game you are, apparently, on a secret mission with one objective, to gather evidence leading to the disclosure of a large African smuggling organisation. Quite why we need to know that we're not sure, but here's the game: You are presented with a room full of African symbols and artefacts and in each picture you have to identify the hidden symbols ... against the clock. Solve each level in time and you progress through the game, run out of time and you'll need to start again. Unlucky. After you play this African hidden symbols game, check out and play our other African themed puzzle games?

Hidden Animals

Safari Hidden Animals Game

This is another hidden objects game where you are on the look out for hidden safari animals located in various African safari scenes. As ever you get points for identifying and clicking on the correct animals in the picture.

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Africa Puzzle Games

Africa Puzzle Games

We have a number of Africa puzzles ranging from word searches, jigsaw puzzles and hidden objects games. Also check out the Africa escape games we have throughout the site, most have video walkthroughs in case you get stuck!

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