Africa Puzzles Online

Africa Puzzles Online

We have a number of Africa puzzles ranging from word searches, jigsaw puzzles and hidden objects games. Also check out the Africa escape games we have throughout the site, most have video walkthroughs in case you get stuck! More puzzles below!

Africa Puzzles Online: Water Pipe Game

Water Pipe Game

A group of hyenas have damaged the local water pipes and it's your job to restore the water to the nearby village and crops. The idea is to connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling out onto the desert floor.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Africa Mask Jigsaw

Africa Jigsaw Puzzles

This African jigsaw puzzle is pretty straight forward to play. As with all jigsaw puzzles you are given a number of blocks and have to use your mouse to drag and click them into the right places to form the picture of an African mask.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle

This hidden monkey puzzle game will appeal to younger children as you have to use your lens to find each monkey hidden deep in the Africa jungle then click when you discover each one. There are pictures of all the monkeys hidden at the bottom of the screen to help you play the game.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Hidden Africa Symbols

Africa Symbols Game

In another of our African hidden objects game, you are presented with a room full of African symbols and artefacts and in each picture you have to identify the hidden symbols ... against the clock. It's not as easy as it looks!

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Africa Puzzles Online: Africa Hangman

Africa Hangman

This African hangman game isn't exactly hangman but it's the same idea. The names of African countries have to be guessed letter by letter. Every time you guess a letter correctly part of the African country name is filled in.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Africa Word Search

Africa Word Search Puzzles

This African word search game will have you pulling your hair out. Hidden in the grid are the names of a number of African countries. Search for them up, down, left or right and see how quickly you can identify them all.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Hidden Animals

Safari Hidden Animals Game

This is another hidden objects game where you are on the look out for hidden safari animals located in various African safari scenes. As ever you get points for identifying and clicking on the correct animals in the picture.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Africa Tetris

African Puzzle

We're all pretty much familiar with the game of Tetris, right? Well, this is Tetris with a difference, instead of different sized blocks, you have to guide each African country into its correct position on the map of the African continent!

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Africa Puzzles Online: Safari Memory

Safari Memory Game

This Diego's African safari game is a memory game for kids that's just like most online memory games. You have to click on an image to see the animal that's behind then click on the other images until you get a match.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Giraffe Jigsaw

Giraffe Jigsaw src=

This giraffe jigsaw puzzle is just that, a jigsaw puzzle that creates a picture of a giraffe, a species that has seen an alarming decline in population.

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Africa Puzzles Online: African Village Escape

African Village Escape Game src=

Play our free online point and click African village escape game and try and find your way out of the remote and traditional African village by solving clues.

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Africa Puzzles Online: Jungle Hidden Objects

Hidden Objects Jungle Games

This African jungle game is a game to use your observation skills to discover the hidden objects in the African jungle. Find the hidden objects as fast as you can for the best score, but be careful only to click on the objects you are looking for or you'll lose points.

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