African Village Escape Game

Once again, as a foolhardy muzungo (white person), you go wandering where you shouldn't and yet again in search of riches and end up in a remote and traditional African village where you get lost. Quite how you get lost is a mystery in itself as if you have ever been to an African village there are normally just around 400 families living in forty or so homesteads so the chances of getting lost and having to "escape" are pretty low, but then again, it is you, and you always seem to find a way. Bless. See if you can escape the village by yourself but, if you get stuck, we've provided a video walkthrough below. After you've played this African village escape game, why not check out and play our other African themed puzzle games?

Desert Escape

Desert Escape Game

If you like escape games, this African Sahara desert escape game will prove to be something of a challenge as, not only do you have to escape from the quicksand that surrounds you, but you need to escape before you die of thirst ~ and its pretty hot out there.

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African Puzzle Games

Africa Puzzle Games

We have a number of Africa puzzles ranging from word searches, jigsaw puzzles and hidden objects games. Also check out the Africa escape games we have throughout the site, most have video walkthroughs like this one in case you get stuck!

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