Sahara Desert Escape

If you like escape games, this African Sahara desert escape game will prove to be something of a challenge as, not only do you have to escape from the quicksand that surrounds you, but you need to escape before you die of thirst (that's represented by the blue water bar onthe right of your screen) ~ and it's pretty hot out there. We'll give you a few clues ~ the items that you are looking for are hidden behind or under objects you can see. You will need to combine them to make the next part of the escape unfold such as cutting the grass with an object you have found and trying to trap the scorpion with another object. Try to escape but, if you get stuck (and not just in the quicksand!) we've provded a video wallthrough below. After you've played this desert escape game, why not check out and play our other African puzzles, escape and desert games? We've got the very best online!

Sahara Objective

Sahara Desert Game

In this Sahara Desert game you are part of a team that find themselves in a toxic waste tower in the heart of the Sahara Desert that is primed with deadly bombs. In just two minutes highly explosive toxic waste will detonate creating a pollutant that will flow down the Niger River. It's your job to save the day!

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Desert Games

African Desert Games

Nearly one quarter of the continent of Africa is classified as desert, a word from the Latin "Desertus" meaning "left waste". Here you can play our Africa themed desert games and go hunting, riding and exploring across African deserts including the Sahara.

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