Egyptian Horse Game

It is believed horses began to be first domesticated in Syria around 2000BC and one of the most admired of all horses is the "Straight Egyptian Arabian" used by Bedouin warriors as they spread Islam across the known world and Saladin's collection of horses helped prevent Richard the Lion Heart from conquering Egypt. Despite this, much transport in Egypt and other countries was made by camel rather than horse as they were more adaptable to the conditions and didn't reuire so much water. In this Egyptian horse game you need to race your horse in the traditional way to bring water to a loved one languishing in the desert before he dies of thirst. Instructions on how to play the game are on-screen but if you wnat to skip them, us eyour up arrow key to jump over obstacles because every time you hit one, your horse loses strength. After you play this Egyptian horse game why not check out and play our other Egypt themed games?

The Lost Amphora

Egypt Catacombs Game

You are an archaeologist in search of an ancient amphora and have to search the catacombs for the four pieces that have been split amongst the ruins. This is the first of a two-parter Egypt game. The second part is below.

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Egypt Games

Egypt Games

The Egyptian game of Senet is believed to be the oldest board game in the world. Here you can play some more modern Egypt games including Egypt puzzle games, fun games and traditional Ancient Egypt games.

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