The Lost Amphora Game

This Egypt catacombs game is the first part of an Egypt adventure game, and probably the lesser of the two games. You are an archaeologist in search of an ancient amphora and have to search the catacombs for the four pieces that have been split amongst the ruins. Amphora were pots created in Egypt and elsewhere often used to store oils and wine. In Egypt they were made primarily in ancient Akhet-aten and Maikata (now el-Amarna and Thebes respectively) and were large storage jars with an oval body with two handles below the lip for carrying. There are two approaches to this Lost Amphora game, survival mode or level mode. In each you need to collect coins in the catacombs to progress but the catacombs have nasty scarab beetles in them that bite so try and avoid them and keep an eye out for medi-packs. Use your arrow keys for movement. After you play this Egypt catacombs game why not check out and play our other Egypt themed games? Also check out part 2 of this game below.

Labyrinth of Death

Egypt Labyrinth Game

In this second part of the game things get a lot more interesting as you have to escape the pyramid in which the fragments of the amphora were found and it's not going to be that easy as the pyramid has a myriad of traps to slice and dice the intrepid explorer!

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Egypt Games

Egypt Games

The Egyptian game of Senet is believed to be the oldest board game in the world. Here you can play some more modern Egypt games including Egypt puzzle games, fun games and traditional Ancient Egypt games.

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