Egypt Games Online

Egypt Games Online

Whilst the rest of the world was slowly emerging from obscurity, the Egyptian civilisation was already firmly established and a wonder of the world, and those Egyptians did love their games; not the Roman type where spectators urged men to their deaths in combat, but more sophisticated games such as board games like Senet, believed to be the world's oldest board game even though its actual rules have been lost in time. At we present a number of Egypt themed games such as puzzles, escape and other fun games as well as the traditional and ancient game of Senet for you to play online. There's even the opportunity to play some Pharaoh and pyramid games as well.

Egypt Games Online: Senet

Senet Game

Senet is believed to be one of the world's oldest board games and pictures of ancient Egyptians have been found playing it such as the one discovered in the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the queen of Ramesses II. Whilst the game has survived to the modern day it is considered to now be similar to backgammon.

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Egypt Games Online: Egypt Statue Build

Egypt Statue

This is an enjoyable game, a sort of hidden objects game but with more of an adventure feel as you set off to find stones hidden in various locations that you then have to piece together in the correct order to make an Egyptian statue.

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Egypt Games Online: Osiris Game

Osiris Game

Osiris was the son of the Egyptian god Geb and the goddess Nut and is considered to be the father of Horus, the god of the sun, war and protection. In this Egypt game, go in search of the amulet of Osiris that legend states will resurrect departed souls from the dead.

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Egypt Games Online: Egyptian Horse

Egyptian Horse Game

Horses were introduced into Egypt in about 1700-1550 BC. In this Egyptian horse game you need to race your horse in the traditional way to bring water to a loved one languishing in the desert.

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Egypt Games Online: The Lost Amphora

Egypt Catacombs Game

You are an archaeologist in search of an ancient amphora and have to search the catacombs for the four pieces that have been split amongst the ruins. This is the first of a two-parter Egypt game. The second part is below.

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Egypt Games Online: Labyrinth of Death

Egypt Labyrinth Game

In this second part of the game things get a lot more interesting as you have to escape the pyramid in which the fragments of the amphora were found and it's not going to be that easy as the pyramid has a myriad of traps to slice and dice the intrepid explorer!

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Egypt Games Online: Temple of Zoom

Egyptian Temple Game

This Egypt temple game is quite good fun and requires a bit of strategic thinking to solve. You are intrepid explorer Bob Jones (no relation to Indiana) and have entered the Egyptian Temple of Zoom to find ancient treasures. Unfortunately, as ever, the temple is bobby trapped.

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Egypt Games Online: Egyptian Desert Escape

Egypt Desert Escape Game

If you were ever lost in the Egyptian desert, chances are it would be your final resting place as, even if you did have a map, it wouldn't tell you much. In this Egypt game try and escape from Egypt's Sand Sea Desert that straddles the country from Libya to the coast.

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Egypt Games Online: Pyramid Games

Pyramid Games

Nothing more readily springs to mind when thinking of modern day or ancient Egypt than its majestic and mysterious pyramids. here you can play a range of pyramid themed games from pyramid escape games to pyramid adventure games as well as pyramid mystery games!

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Egypt Games Online: Pharaoh Games

Pharaoh Games

Here we present number of Pharaoh games for you to play online. Whilst some of the games are based on historical fact, and Biblical legend, other Pharaoh games reflect the mythology of the Ancient Egypt.

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