Egyptian Pyramid Games

Egyptian Pyramid Games

Nothing more readily springs to mind when thinking of modern day or ancient Egypt than its majestic and mysterious pyramids. To date there have been one hundred and eighteen pyramids found in Egypt, all of them located on the west bank of the River Nile. Ironically there are many more Nubian pyramids in modern day Sudan but these are rarely mentioned! The pyramids were built as tombs for the ancient pharaohs and queens and have often been seen to have mystical properties and certainly the mathematics of the Greta Pyramid at Giza is intriguing and suggestive of a long lost knowledge of man's place in the universe. Here we present some of the very best pyramid games to be found online. Enjoy.

Egyptian Pyramid Games: Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Adventure Game

Enter the ancient pyramid that's crawling with mummies that have risen from the dead and try and stay alive by taking them down with your gun but there's a lot of them!

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: The Seven Scepters

Egypt Mystery Game

In this game, point and click puzle game, explore deep into the heart of the Egypt pyramids in search of seven ancient artifacts. Find all Seven Scepters to complete the mystery.

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: Pyramid Bloxx

Pyramid Bloxx

This Egyptian pyramid game will have you pulling your hair out! The aim of the game is to throw blocks from level to level to help build a pyramid, but if you drop a block anywhere on the way to the top of the pyramid you have to start again, from the very bottom.

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: Pyramid Puzzle

Egyptian Puzzle

This Egyptian puzzle game is quite addictive, once you get the hang of it! You have to move blocks with glyphs on them inside an ancient Egyptian tomb to reveal the secrets of the glyphs.

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: Ancient Egypt Mystery

Ancient Egypt Mystery

You play the role of an Egyptian archaeologist who has been despatched to explore a newly found ancient Egyptian pyramid, however on entering the pyramid you set off some form of trap and find yourself trapped inside catacombs that never seem to end. Obviously you need to escape!

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: Egypt Games

Egypt Games

The Egyptian game of Senet is believed to be the oldest board game in the world. Here you can play some more modern Egypt games including Egypt puzzle games, fun games and traditional Ancient Egypt games.

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Egyptian Pyramid Games: Pharaoh Games

Pharaoh Games

Here we present number of Pharaoh games for you to play online. Whilst some of the games are based on historical fact, and Biblical legend, other Pharaoh games reflect the mythology of the Ancient Egypt.

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