The Seven Scepters Game

This Egypt mystery game is a cracker. You find yourself in search of the seven scepters in Egypt and have to explore an old, ancient pyramid to find them. So far so good, it's just that your name is Brenda. Nowt wrong with the name Brenda, but do you really think Tombraider would have been so successful if headed up by Brenda Croft in a jumper? No. Exactly. Anyhow to get started in this Egypt mystery game rummage around the rocks on either side of the screen. Soon you will find a brush. Wipe the dust from the dirt on the spear on your right, then dust the ankh on the door and find the two symbols from the door on the walls. Also clean these then swap your duster for your hand and press the symbols to open the door. You're on your way! See how you get on in your quest but, if you get stuck, we've provided a video walkthrough below. After you play this Egypt mystery game why not check out and play our other Egypt themed games?

Ancient Egypt Mystery

Pyramid Bloxx

You play the role of an Egyptian archaeologist who has been despatched to explore a newly found ancient Egyptian pyramid, however on entering the pyramid you set off some form of trap and find yourself trapped inside catacombs that never seem to end. Obviously you need to escape!

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Pyramid Games

Pyramid Games

Nothing more readily springs to mind when thinking of modern day or ancient Egypt than its majestic and mysterious pyramids. here you can play a range of pyramid themed games from pyramid escape games to pyramid adventure games as well as pyramid mystery games!

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