Osiris Game

This Osiris game is a cool, tomb raider type adventure game that takes place in the tomb of Osiris, god of the dead and the underworld. Osiris was the son of the Egyptian god Geb and the goddess Nut and is considered to be the father of Horus, the god of the sun, war and protection. In reality, although worshipped as a god, there is no known tomb for Osiris. His death is reported as being brutal being assassinated by his brother Set and the Queen of Ethiopia and his born torn apart and scattered across Egypt only to be found by his wife Isis and gathered and bandaged together by her. As a mark of respect for this devotion the gods resurrected Osiris and made him the god of the underworld thus no tomb was required. When you play this game make sure you click on the type of keys you want to use as that starts this Osiris game.

Egypt Catacombs Game

The first of a two part adventure game in which you search catacombs for an ancient amphora.

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Egypt Statue Game

Egypt Statue

This Egyptian statue game is a point and click hidden objects puzzle with a novel twist.

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