Impala Game

The impala (from the Zulu word for ‘gazelle’) can mostly be found in the savannahs of east and southern Africa. It's a member of the antelope family and is perhaps best known for its leaping as it flees predators including lions, leopards and cheetahs at up to 60 mph ~ around half of all baby impala are killed within the first few weeks after birth. The impala live in herds of around 100, decreasing the likelihood of attack and feeds on young grass shoots in the rainy season and herbs and shrubs at other times. Sadly, just like in this game it's widely hunted by humans, being the most hunted antelope on safaris and this online impala game was clearly made by people who don't really appreciate or understand this agile, graceful creature. To play this impala game simply use your mouse to shoot the impala as they graze. A good shot gains you 10 points, a missed shot and you get 15 taken away, whilst a head shot earns you 20 points. After you play this online impala game, why not check out and play our other African wildlife games?

Cheetah Game

Cheetah Game

The cheetah, found mostly in southern and eastern Africa, is the world's fastest land mammal and can reach speeds of 70MPH in just three seconds! Here you roleplay a baby cheetah trying to find its mother racing against dangers and other predatatory wildlife in Africa.

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Wildlife Games

African Wildlife Games

Africa is home home to the Earth's biggest concentrations of large mammals, from elephants and giraffes to hippos and zebras, to lions and leopards. here we share some of the best Africa animal and wildlife games online as part of our Africa themed games collection.

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