Adventures in the Jungle Game

When our intrepid hero knocked over his mother's favourite monkey vase, little was he to realise that inside he would find an old African treasure map. And little was he to know that others were searching for the same treasure! This discovery is the story behind one of our popular jungle adventure games set deep in the heart of the African jungle where wild beasts are an ever present danger. The adventure game starts as you land in a river and have to make a quick escape before being mauled by river animals and reptiles. To play this African Adventures in the Jungle game use your arrow keys for movement and your space bar for action sequences. Oh, and keep an eye out for flashing objects that will help you solve the game. After you've played Adventures in the Jungle, why not check out and play our other African jungle games?

Tarzan Jungle of Doom

Tarzan Jungle Game

Jungle of Doom is one of our favourite jungle games as the graphics are super cool and there's lots of action sequences. Tarzan is lost in the jungle and needs to escape by swinging from vine to vine, survive a crocodile infested swamp and avoid falling rocks amongst many other obstacles.

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Jungle Games

African Jungle Games

Here we have our favourite African jungle games ranging from an awesome collection of Tarzan games to ATV riding, Mario games and treasure hunting deep in the African jungle.

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