Jungle Race Game

This lion game is definitely one for the kids as there is very little to do as you help a the Lion run across the African savanna collecting points bumping into steaks and avoiding obstacles such as boulders. Use your arrow keys to play. Although in this game the lion doesn't jump to avoid things, in real life a lion can jump as high as twelve feet and thirty-six feet along the ground and, while that is impressive, the cougar and tiger can perform even better as they have more developed hind legs. Generally speaking, lions hunt at night and rest during the day in thorn thickets, often near water holes mainly due to the heat, but are also active at dawn and dusk and on cooler days. Although lions can go without food for more than a week, they normally feed every three or four days consuming between 5kg and 7kg of meat each time. Now, if you want a little joke just ask others why lions can jump higher than trees? Simple, because trees can't jump! After you've played this lion game for kids why not check out and play our other lion and Africa games?

Adopt a Lion

Adopt a Lion

With this gift pack you can adopt an African lion or one of the other big five cats of Africa whose lives are endangered due to poaching, hunting and the degrading of their natural environments. Visit our sister site to find out more.

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Lion Games

Lion Games Online

Lions live throughout Africa from below the Sahara Desert to the start of South Africa, in prides normally consisting of three males, twelve females and their cubs. Here you can play lion games online with our free lion games collection including Lion King games and other African lion wildlife games.

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