Lion Games Online

Lion Games Online

This section has a number of lion games online for you to enjoy. Lions live throughout Africa from below the Sahara Desert to the start of South Africa, in prides normally consisting of three males, twelve females and their cubs. Whilst the female cubs stay with the pride throughout their lives, male young grow and leave the pride establishing their own, or taking over an existing pride following a successful fight with the established leader. Each pride defines a territory of around one hundred square miles where they prey as a pack on zebras, wildebeest and antelopes as well as other African wildlife. Apart from African lions there is also a small population of Indian lions in the Gir Forest. It is believed only about 24,000 lions remain in Africa and, although there is no reliable estimate of their former numbers, it is likely that there were at least many hundreds of thousands before European settlers arrived.

Lion Games Online: Lion Hunt

Lion Hunt Game

Although lions have no natural predators because of their strength and running speed, they are still killed by human poachers as well as by elephants protecting their young and occasionally by the buffalo they are trying to hunt. In this game, help the lioness survive by running and developing survival skills.

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Lion Games Online: The Lion King

Lion Games Online

Play free Lion King games online based on the cartoon Lion King movies in this collection of action, adventure and puzzle Lion King games.

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Lion Games Online: Lion Run Game

Lion Game for Kids

This lion game is definitely one for the kids as there is very little to do as you help a the Lion run across the African savanna collecting points bumping into steaks and avoiding obstacles such as boulders.

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Lion Games Online: The Lion at the Car

The Lion at the Car

You are a lion, obviously, riding on the back of a jeep as it travels through the African savannah and you have to keep your balance and miss the other African animals that range from hippos, giraffes and zebras! One of our lion games for kids!

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Lion Games Online: Lion Ride Game

Lion Ride Game

Okay, you're not exactly going to learn a lot about the African lion in this game as it's a bit daft and takes place in a theme park many, many miles from Africa but will still appeal to older and younger game players! Help the lion ride his bike over a series of obstacles!

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Lion Games Online: Lion Escape Game

Lion Escape Game

This is a fairly short but still intriguing lion escape game where you find yourself locked in a cage with a sleeping lion and have to escape without accidentally waking the lion up who will then maul you to death.

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Lion Games Online: Adopt a Lion

Adopt a Lion

With this gift pack you can adopt an African lion or one of the other big five cats of Africa whose lives are endangered due to poaching, hunting and the degrading of their natural environments. Visit our sister site to find out more.

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