The Lion at the Car

This lion game is a daft but it's still good fun to play. You are a lion, obviously, riding on the back of a jeep as it travels through the African savannah and you have to keep your balance and miss the other African animals that range from hippos, giraffes and zebras! To play this online lion game simply use your arrow keys to keep your balance and influence the direction of the jeep. As this is a gane for kids, we'll tell you a little biut about lion 'kids'. An African lion cub is born in a hidden den, where it stays with its mother and siblings for the first two months of its life. It is blind and helpless at first, but soon learns to walk and play with its furry coat and dark spots. It drinks milk from its mother or any other female in the pride, who share the responsibility of raising the cubs.

When it is three months old, it follows its mother to join the rest of the pride, where it meets other cubs and adults. It starts to eat meat at this age, but still needs its baby teeth to chew. It enjoys playing with other cubs, chasing, biting, and wrestling with them. This helps it to bond with its family and practice its hunting skills. It also learns to roar with the pride, marking their territory and communicating with each other. By the time it is two years old, it is ready to live on its own and face the challenges of the wild. After you've played this online lion game why not check out and play our other lion and Africa games, we've some of the very best online!

Adopt a Lion

Adopt a Lion

With this gift pack you can adopt an African lion or one of the other big five cats of Africa whose lives are endangered due to poaching, hunting and the degrading of their natural environments. Visit our sister site to find out more.

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Lion Games

Lion Games Online

Lions live throughout Africa from below the Sahara Desert to the start of South Africa, in prides normally consisting of three males, twelve females and their cubs. Here you can play lion games online with our free lion games collection including Lion King games and other African lion wildlife games.

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