Pharaoh's Tomb Game

This Pharaoh tomb game is the type of addicting game you'll want to return to time and again. You are an explorer and adventurer inside an ancient Egyptian tomb of a long departed Pharaoh. You seek to collect as much gold as you can but the ancient edifice has been booby trapped in the traditional ancient Egyptian way of trying to kill anyone who seeks to remove treasure from the departed Pharaoh's tomb. As you explore the tomb you'll stumble across health potions to heal your wounds and move around using your arrow keys. Press your TAB key to show or hide your map and your spacebar to use items. Above all else, just collect as much money as you can and get out alive! It's a fairly straight forward game to play however, if you wnat or need a helping hand, there's a video walktrough below. After you play this Egyptian Pharaoh tomb game why not check out and play some of our other online Egyptian and Pharaoh games?

Labyrinth of Death

Egypt Labyrinth Game

In this second part of the game things get a lot more interesting as you have to escape the pyramid in which the fragments of the amphora were found and it's not going to be that easy as the pyramid has a myriad of traps to slice and dice the intrepid explorer!

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Pharaoh Games

Pharaoh Games

Here we present number of Pharaoh games for you to play online. Whilst some of the games are based on historical fact, and Biblical legend, other Pharaoh games reflect the mythology of the Ancient Egypt.

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