Rain Forest Adventure Game

In another rain forest game, play the role of Diego and venture deep into the heart of the African rain forest to take pictures of the wildlife that lives there. Although there are only a few animals in this rain forest game, the Congo rain forest is home to 450 different types of animals as well as 300 types of reptiles, 200 types of amphibians and around 1150 types of birds. It's more than likely this figures underestimates the total variety of wildlife in the rainforest as the Congo is so dense much of it remains unexplored.

To play this rain forest game, move left and right using your arrow keys and your space bar to jump. Collect items along the way and try and find all the animals before time runs out. Now, go, photograph those animals! After you've played the game, why not check out and play our other Africa rain forest and animal games, we've got the very best online!

Raiders of the Lost Bark

Rainforest Game

This rainforest game was developed by the Rainforest Foundation to help develop an awareness amongst children and young people about the destruction of the Congo rainforest by logging.

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Diego's Rainforest

Rainforest Game for Kids

In the last of our online rainforest games, this one is for young kids and take the avid young adventurer Diego for a rainforest drive where apparently there is no lower age limit for driving a jeep!

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