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This Tarzan jungle game, Jungle of Doom, is one of our favourite jungle games a the graphics are super cool and there's lots of action sequences. Tarzan is lost in the jungle and needs to escape by swinging from vine to vine, survive a crocodile infested swamp and avoid falling rocks amongst many other obstacles in this scrolling platform game. To play this Tarzan jungle game use your arrow keys for movement and your space bar to jump. Tarzan first appeared in a 'pulp' magazine in 1912 in an illustrated story "Tarzan of the Apes ~ A Romance of the Jungle" which would have set you back 15c at the time. Although now a legend spanning books, cartoons, movies and a range of toys, Tarzan was originally to be called "Zantar" before his author Edgar Rice Burroughs had a change of heart and decided to all him "Tublat-Zan". Obviously there was a further change of heart and Tarzan was born, so to speak.

Despite further publishing setbacks, Burroughs' stories of the orphaned English lord raised deep in the African jungle by apes and his love of the enchanting Jane Porter of Baltimore won universal acclaim, although in the 1960s there was widespread concern in the USA that as Tarzan and Jane weren't married they were living in sin, and immoral outrage. Yet Tarzan continued to be popular and never more so than with the advent of the Disney animations of the story from which this Tarzan jungle game is themed. After you've played this Tarzan jungle of Doom game why not check out and play our other Africa games?

Tarzan Jungle Jump

Tarzan Jungle Jump Game

Guide Tarzan through the jungle to collect diamonds to give to Jane on their first anniversary while avoiding various dangers on the journey such as alligators, panthers and man-eating plants and help Tarzan swing across dangerous water rapids.

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Tarzan Games

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Here we present what we believe are the best Tarzan jungle games online whether you want to enjoy Tarzan adventures or play a range of Tarzan game and puzzles, we have something for you.

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